Big Thank You Of The Week

Featuring Hales and Lodden Cricket Club

So Saturday I found myself away from home and potentially missing a weekend game of cricket. ( It's always been apart of my life in summer since age of 5 ) I came up with an idea of contacting local Norfolk teams seeing if anyone was short and needed a player thinking I wouldn't get much luck and incredibly the first team I messaged came back saying there was a place for me, I'm in. I assuming this is how easy Theresa May thought the last election would go until the almighty Jeremy Corbin came along and ruined her party...... literally.

And need me they did when we turned up to the game and only had 7 players including me. For those not familiar with cricket we should have 11. The pitch was patchy with grass and mud to suit any asian spinning machine so it was a good job we were in sunny Norfolk. 

We bowled first and Hales and loddens very own Shane Warne tore through the team we were playing and they were all bowled out for 58. I batted at 3 and came in at 12 for 1 and hit a well battled 23 to help guide the team to victory with the legend Pete Dye guiding them over the line.

I can't thank them for their hospitality enough and keeping me entertained while I was away on work. Plus they even popped the BBQ on and made me a burger. 

So ladies and Gentlemen this week's big thank you goes to Pete Dye and Hales and Lodden CC

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