What's been going on....

So first I must apologise as I had every intention to do a good weekly blog but then life once again happened and I got out of the quieter January month and into the busy spring and summer period but I'm back and determined to try this again. So what's been happening......

I had the pleasure of performing for Mr and Mrs Hudson who have always been big fans of mine since day one, back when I was and still am performing at the Ice House. It was a gorgeous occasion at the beautiful grounds of the concorde club in eastleigh. 

When Matt met Gaga.... this was such a brilliant night. I supported the immensely talented Nicola Marie who some may know from the X Factor season with Rylan Clark and Olly Murs. 

Meet the new mascot .... Audrey - So recently I have been attending slimming world to get nice trim fit in my tux for the Buble Shows and yes that does mean meal deals are off the menu unfortunately when I have those long drives across the country. Audrey is the group mascot who for this week I had the pleasure of taking Audrey everywhere I went. So she joined me on stage at Netley and I have to say her Adele tribute is amazing and stole the show. Oh and if anyone is interested 1 and a half stone off so far!

Parkdean Resorts Tour 2017 - This has defo been a highlight as it's been so good going round seeing some old familiar faces. I am absolutely loving the cabaret scene as it allows me to release the fun quirky personality and it seems to go down pretty well. Also the light up challenge is a hit with the holiday makers. For those that don't know the light up challenge is competition between venues to who light the venue with the most light, whether that's from a camera phone or sparkly shoes. Basically if it's bright and flashes it counts. Currently the leaders is southview with 41. 

Random Things - So these are just a few thing in last few months that have stuck in my memory and I would love to share with you.

When it rains it pours ... inside: Its May and the weather was shocking a long drive to the Cotswold became a first when the ceiling started leaking on the middle of the stage to the horror of a poor little girl that was seriously worried for my safety. Now I must stress this wasn't a trickle this was a full on caravan shower quality flow. Turns out this was a regular occurrence.

 50th B'day Surprise.... and what a surprise she got: Good friend of mine celebrated his partners 50th and he kindly asked me to perform. At one point of the evening we all went outside including myself and DJ for the unveiling of her big birthday surprise. I give you a clue it has four wheels ..... but no it wasn't a Fiat or Ford ..... it was a fricking Merc!!!! Well Jel yes I am!! ( Note to you my amazing fans for my 50th in 25 years time ;) 

Hopefully this will make up for my absence in last couple of months.... I will also be bringing back my big thank you of the week so look out for that. Don't forget to follow me on all social media @mfishermusic (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat ) 

Much love


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